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Tyler Tafelsky is the Senior SEO Analyst at Captivate Local. Tyler specializes in local SEO and Google Maps marketing, link acquisition, content marketing, and social media. You can connect with Tyler on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ or Yisoo, his most recent project.

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing is Officially Underway

Google Mobile-First Indexing
After more than a year of ongoing experimentation and testing, Google has finally started migrating sites that apply the mobile usability best practices. Before, Google's search engine algorithm typically relied upon the desktop version of a page's content. This quickly became an issue with the uprise in mobile Internet use, as the desktop version of a page can often be vastly different from the mobile version. Learn more.

How To Make The Most Of Local Events For SEO

How To Make The Most Of Local Events For SEO
Offline events are a natural part of running a business. From conferences and tradeshows, to meetups and networking events — every month there’s a new one to contend with! Here are some ways that your business can make the most of attending, and hosting, events in your local area. Squeeze the maximum value out of event marketing by taking your strategy online, whether that’s through social media or search. Learn now to bridge the online/offline gap successfully by reflecting offline triumphs in online content. Here’s your guide to kicking things off the right way in 2018.

Local PPC Strategy: Making AdWords Work for Your Business

Local PPC Strategy Google AdWords
Dialing-in a local PPC strategy is not an easy undertaking. Google AdWords can be very complicated. And creating campaigns that actually turn a sufficient ROI can be a challenge. If you’ve tried your hand at local PPC with AdWords, then chances are you’ve experienced some struggle. To help you actualize a successful local PPC strategy, below we share several best practices to ensure you’re on the right path.

2017 Mobile Search Trends & Strategy Insights

Mobile Search Trends 2017 Strategy Insights
Now more Internet users are performing Google searches on mobile devices over PC’s and desktop computers. This underscores a significant trend that search marketers need to leverage to stay ahead of the curb. In this post, we shed light on several compelling statistics and how you can leverage these mobile search trends in 2017.

Google Local Pack Now Polluted with Product Ads

Google Shopping Local Pack Product Ads
What's disruptive about PLAs popping-up in the local pack is this: Google is not showing refrigerator stores in Atlanta (like it used to,) but rather refrigerator products (associated with advertisers paying for Google Shopping Ads). Sure, there's local store info in the ads. But take another glance at the above figure. Sears Hometown Stores is owning it. So what now? Google Shopping advertisers get the unfair advantage of premium search real estate?

5 Local Search Insights from 2016 Not to Overlook

local search 2016
Now that 2017 is upon us, we're beginning to witness a lot of changes local search community. We as adaptive SEO's and local business marketers are embracing creative yet data-driven approaches to our online marketing efforts. In doing so, we reflect on insights garnered from the previous year. Some of these insights center on mobile search, user engagement, and online reputation, all of which widen the scope of a local search marketer. Below we recap on some of the more overlooked yet highly important local search insights from 2016.

Andrew Shotland’s Local Search Secrets Presentation (TL;DL)

Andrew Shotland's Local Search Secrets
Manta hosted a killer webinar with Andrew Shotland that highlighted local SEO ranking factors that matter most (or "Local Search Secrets" as the presentation titled.) In essence, Shotland outlined the best practices of local SEO while highlighting which ranking signals to invest most your efforts. If the conversation was too long for you, and you didn't listen (tl;dl), then your welcome. I've extracted what I believe to be the golden nuggets worth noting.

Google Mitigates Map Spam With Advanced Verification For Locksmiths & Plumbers

Google Map Spam: Locksmiths & Plumbers
Among the spammiest areas in Google is the Google Maps search results for locksmiths and plumbers. To mitigate Google Maps spam in these areas, Google is now beta testing a new "advanced verification" process for locksmiths and plumbers in the San Diego region. In short, locksmiths and plumbers in this region will have to go through a more detailed Google Maps verification process. These businesses have until November 10th to complete the verification process. Failure to do so will result in their listing being removed.