Local Adwords PPC Campaign & Account Optimization

Local Adwords Account Optimization Services

Is your local Adwords campaign not performing the way you need it to? Investing in Adwords Account & Campaign Optimization Services can save you money in the long run.

Not only does a local PPC Campaign provide an invaluable return on your investment for all types of businesses, both local and enterprise level; it can also significantly improve keyword quality scores, reduce cost per click (CPCs), and achieve greater overall efficiency on your PPC advertising.

At Captivate Local, with our PPC Management Services, we take pride in employing legitimate specialists in the search engine optimization field who are highly experienced in Google AdWords PPC advertising with proven success. We know that most businesses are on a tight budget when it comes to advertising and we make sure that we are utilizing your advertising budget effectively while getting you a return on your investment.

Local PPC Optimization Experts

Local PPC Campaign Optimization Services

Our PPC Campaign Optimization experts are successful at improving the overall performance of your AdWords campaigns in as little as a few days. When dealing with true experts in the PPC Optimization field, most experts utilize the following tactics to get the best results out of their PPC Campaigns:

Keyword Bidding Strategies for PPC Campaign Optimization

In order for your PPC Optimization Campaign to be successful, you should be implementing specific keyword bidding techniques that will trigger ads for your target keywords and device types. Some Google Adwords consultants fail to use these bidding techniques and will often cause your Pay Per Click ads not to perform as well as they should be.

Campaign Structure & Ad Group Organization for Optimal Performance

The structure of your PPC Campaign will also help determine the cost-effectiveness and overall performance of your Pay Per Click ads.  When your campaigns are not structured correctly on a campaign and ad group basis, by not containing tight and closely related keyword groupings; your PPC Advertising Campaign will not perform as well as it should.

Conversion Focused Landing Page Optimization for Adwords Campaigns

When creating a PPC Optimization Campaign, it is very important that you improve and test your landing pages to ensure that you are maximizing the amount of converted visitors to your website. This is a practice that can be overlooked from time to time, but will help you design effective PPC landing pages that will drive results and help increase traffic.

Effective Ad Presentation & Ongoing A/B Testing

During the PPC Campaign Optimization Process, PPC Experts usually will integrate Google Ad Extensions to help write new ads with varying creative ad copy. This will help your PPC ads remain fresh and engaging to your target consumers.

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