AMPs Yield “Expanded Exposure” in Google Mobile Search

AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages Google Local Search

On Monday, September 12, Google officially announced in a post at the Google Webmaster Central Blog that it will give AMP pages “expanded exposure” in its mobile search results.

Google Marketing AMPs

Burying this news in a post titled “What is AMP?”, Google states:

Later this year, all types of sites that create AMP pages will have expanded exposure across the entire Google Mobile Search results page, like e-commerce, entertainment, travel, recipe sites and many more.

Barry Schwartz at SERoundtable makes laughable reference with respect to the tweet below: “Of course, some SEOs are pulling that line out as a bit unusual.”

Google AMPs Funny Tweet

While this isn’t typical and Google remains cautious as to how they share the news, it seems Google is strongly encouraging SEOs and webmasters to create AMP pages.

Also worth noting is that Google isn’t specifically promising higher rankings with AMPs, just “expanded exposure.” While this make actualize in time, here at Captivate Local, we suggest structured markup in addition to leverage AMPs.

At Captivate Local, we’re starting to test AMPs for certain local SEO and Google Maps marketing strategies, and we plan to cover this topic further on the blog. As Google suggests, follow #AMPlify to keep up with the news and evolution.