Here’s What You Need to Know About Google My Business’ App Update

Google My Business App Update

Local businesses had their own ideas on how to better the Google My Business app experience. Well, Google listened.

What’s New with the Google My Business App?

Business owners should be thrilled by Google’s update to the Google My Business app. The new improvements provide a refreshing outlook on what’s in store for the platform’s future.

The updated app boasts a series of new features for iOS and Android users. The best part? You can access them all in one place! To name a few, these features include:

  • A messaging tool that enables businesses to respond to inquiries from Google Maps
  • Push notifications (in real-time!) for incoming messages, reviews, and more
  • A new “Post” button for businesses to share updates, photos, upcoming events, and more
  • A profile section that allows you to edit your profile on the app
  • The ability for businesses to learn about their customers with the new “customers” tab
  • A “follow” tab for businesses to see who’s following them on Google Maps.

The Google My Business app has so much more to offer for businesses than ever before. New updates provide an easier way for businesses to engage with customers from anywhere.

There is an overall pivot in the process for Google My Business (for desktop and mobile users). Along with getting found on Google, businesses can also engage with followers the same way they can on Facebook.

No Longer Just a “Listing” Tool

Google is weaning away from using the word “listing” when referring to Google My Business. They have instead opted to use the term “business profile.” This decision supports Google’s strides to expand the platform into something bigger.

Google Reputation Management Made Easy

Businesses can better manage their Google reputation through the app. That is, thanks to the update. With the app’s new real-time push notification feature, it’s easier to track incoming reviews.

When users search for your business, they’re doing it for one of three reasons: a) to find your location or phone number, b) to ask a question, or c) to leave a review. Before the new app roll-out, searchers were able to submit questions to different businesses on Google Maps. Google has also made it easier for businesses to respond to these questions on the app, enabling them to take better control of their reputation online.

Google My Business & SEO

With recent news about Google shutting down Google+, it’s safe to say that Google My Business will replace it.

It’s no secret that Google’s algorithms favor their own platforms over others. I mean, why wouldn’t they? Google uses this tactic to get more businesses to use them, just like they did with Google+. They’ll do the same thing to get more businesses to adopt the posting feature on Google My Business. Now is the time to employ this strategy.  

There’s also a wealth of user data that’s accessible on the app’s home tab. These insights can help you track users’ views and search queries on Google. You can use this information to make better marketing decisions. More specifically, decisions that impact your SEO efforts.

What are your thoughts on the new Google My Business app update? Let us know in the comments below.