Why Local Links & Citations Offer Value Beyond Local SEO

Local Links & Citations Provide Value Beyond Local SEO

Getting listed on local websites to build links and citations has been one of the most essential best practices of local SEO for years. But what about for sites without local SEO focus? Do local links and citations offer value for an ecommerce store or online brand?

The short answer to these questions is Yes. And to support why local links and citations offer value beyond local SEO and Google Maps marketing, below we share a few valid insights and perspectives.

Google Trust Signals

Perhaps the most powerful argument supporting the value of local Links and citations for non-local SEO is the trust factor of these signals. At about 5 minutes into the Whiteboard Friday video below, Rand Fishkin discusses how local information and even citations can serve as Google trust signals for any website, regardless of local relevancy.

SEO Supported Anchor Text

Rand also mentions that some local websites can offer links with anchor text that go beyond a business’s domain or brand name. While this is contingent on the local sites supplying the links and how those submissions are conducted, some opportunities offer links to certain site categories, product pages, etc.

Local SEO Links & CitationsValuable Direct Traffic

Unbeknownst to many SEO’s and Internet marketers, traffic itself is Google search engine ranking factor. Whether it’s direct traffic or referral traffic, the most visitors pouring to a site, the greater trust and credibility Google sees in that domain. As a result, referral traffic from local links can help boost the SEO potential for any business.

Exclusive Link Acquisition

Some local link opportunities provide exclusivity that competitors can’t touch. For example, if your business acquires a powerful .org link from its local chamber of commerce listing, then your online competitors (based in other locations) won’t be able to acquire the same link. This can be significant boost to a site’s domain authority and overall ranking potential (especially for long-tail keywords.)

The verdict: local links and citations can offer tremendous value to sites beyond just local SEO. If you’d like to learn more about link acquisition and citation building opportunities with Captivate Local, contact us for a no-obligation consultation and link profile audit of your site.