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Attain Top Organic Search Rankings for Local Keywords

Local Organic SEO ServicesSimilar to traditional organic SEO strategies, the goal of local organic SEO campaigns is to achieve higher organic search visibility for keywords with local orientation (i.e. chiropractors, surgeons, and auto dealers near me). And parallel with most SEO strategies, successful local SEO programs are actualized by properly optimizing a company’s website and its surrounding web properties.

Paramount to local organic SEO is coupling great content with fundamental keyword optimization strategies that target the most relevant local keyword phrases that will drive qualified searchers to your business. At Captivate Local, we are well-versed in local organic SEO and can help your business optimize its web presence for keywords and phrases terms that will garner quality local traffic and greater conversions.

Local Organic SEO: How We Plan & Execute Strategies

At Captivate Local, we advocate 100% unique and custom-tailored local SEO services for our clients. We focus on building long-term relationships with businesses and professionals, and work with them collaboratively to become just as much a part of their business as they are. While every client is different and requires unique search marketing strategies, over the years we’ve refined our process to help our clients easily understand how we plan and execute local organic SEO campaigns.

Our Plan of Attack

Local Organic SEO Process

Discovery & Planning

First, we conduct in-depth analyses of our clients’ business, industry and competitors in order to formulate a SEO plan that will generate the most positive outcome for our clients. We start with comprehensive keyword research of your company’s products, services and local industry competitors. This research and analysis informs our optimization decisions for targeting the most relevant keyword phrases for an intelligent, data-driven local SEO campaign.

Crafting a Blueprint for Optimization

Using keyword research and competitive analysis as benchmarks to strategy development, we’re better able to forge a blueprint to optimize a company’s website. This blueprint includes tangible deliverables including keyword research data, optimized sitemap outlines, keyword mapping documentation, backlinks profile reporting, and other intelligence that helps bring cohesive to the great program.

In simple terms, we determine which areas of your business are most suitable for local organic SEO and capturing in-marketing customers in your area. We helped Women’s Institute for Health (WIFH), a laser medical practice in Atlanta, rank both organically and in Google maps for numerous keyword targets:

Local Organic SEO Google Maps Results

Copywriting & Creative Solutions

Moving forward in the local organic SEO process, the keyword mapping and optimized sitemap documents will be handed over to our copywriting team that hand-crafts keyword optimized content that speaks to your target audience.

In addition to establishing keyword relevancy for local SEO, the quality of the copy plays a critical role in how users interact and engage with your website. Copy that is too complex or keyword-stuffed may cause users to bounce or not convert. Further, too high of keyword density can put your site at risk for over-optimization. At Captivate Local, we are mindful of striking a balance in providing SEO copywriting and creative solutions for local businesses we serve.

Technical On-site Execution

Based on on our keyword research and competitive analysis, we execute technical optimization strategies that enhance the overall local SEO strategy. This technical execution includes optimizing behind-the-scenes HTML and meta data, which includes fundamental use of structured data markup, Javascript, header tags, alt tags, as well as keyword optimized URLs and redirects. With proficient staff of coders and web developers, we are strong advocates of clean HTML markup that will ensure your site adheres to best practices of SEO-friendly web development.

Content Marketing for Local Organic SEO

Local Content Marketing StrategiesA key component to earning top organic search rankings, no matter what the keyword targets are, is developing great content that offers meaning, value, and purpose. This is fueled by intelligence content marketing strategies for local organic SEO.

During an ongoing content marketing strategy, we work with you to produce a steady flow of topically relevant, keyword optimized content to be published both on your website and on other platforms that help increase your audience.

There are multiple goals for executing this content marketing strategy:

  1. Increasing the overall topical relevancy of your website
  2. Generating traffic from long-tail, solution-oriented keywords
  3. Earning links from websites that appreciate and value your content
  4. Cultivating greater levels of engagement on site, which can boost SEO
  5. Building trust with your readership and defining your company as an authority in its industry

Over time, each of these objectives leads to the ultimate goals support a sound local organic SEO strategy: higher rankings and more local traffic from consumers who want what your company has to offer.

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