Multi-Location SEO & SEO for Franchises

Multi-Location SEO: SEO for Franchises & Enterprise Businesses

Multi-location SEO for franchises and enterprise-level businesses demands a very structured and clearly-defined strategy. Unlike some local SEO companies that use scatter-shot approach to multi-location SEO, we help businesses target and optimize the specific local markets that actually matter. Regardless how many locations your business serves, or where they are located, our SEO specialists can help to increase the local search visibility for every market that you serve.

Multi Location SEO for Franchises

Advanced Multi-Location & Franchise SEO Services

At Captivate Local, we apply an advanced methodology to providing multi-location and franchise SEO services. This centers on a cross-platform approach that includes a complete spectrum of on-site and off-site strategies.

Google My Business Listings

Google My Business listings, also referred to as the Google Local 3-Pack, are extremely vital for local businesses. Google My Business listings are typically shown at the very top of the search results, making them prime marketing real estate. And now after Google has limited its local listings to show only 3 businesses in the pack, inclusion has become even more valuable as well as competitive.

Google Maps Multi Location SEO for Franchises

In the SERP below shows the Google My Business listings for seafood restaurants. Red Lobster (a popular seafood restaurant franchise) is leveraging local PPC as part of its search marketing strategy to mitigate its lack of presence in the local maps listings.

While Google uses many of the same organic ranking signals to determine the Google My Business listings, there are other local SEO strategies that can be employed. Our multi-location SEO services leverage all local ranking factors to improve the Google My Business listings on behalf our clients. We establish and optimize dedicated listings for each business location, and combine additional SEO strategies to drive a sustainable 3-Pack presence in each target market.

Hyper-local Content

When it comes to optimizing websites for franchise SEO, not all content performs equally across each local markets. That’s why our team works with businesses and webmasters to develop a location-specific framework that properly addresses a site’s content. Even if your business is only has one location, hyper-local optimization is highly-effective when targeting large, competitive markets.

In addition to supporting higher local search rankings, employing a hyper-local SEO framework can also improve the user experience of a site, while helping to facilitate greater online conversions. While each business and website is unique, this framework applies to general web pages, landing pages, blog posts, press releases, and just about any other form of web content imaginable.

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Structured Data Markup

Parallel to employing a hyper-local framework to site’s content, using structured data markup, or Schema, helps search engines better understand specific details about a business. By marking-up specific entities and pieces of content mentioned on a website (i.e. business and location information, customer reviews, etc.) Google can better index a site’s pages with respect to its location and keyword targets.

Using structured data markup for multi-location and franchise SEO is a powerful strategy that helps ensure optimal search engine placement. Our team of SEO specialists will provide optimized markup recommendations, and if necessary, implement the code for local businesses that don’t have a webmaster or in-house development team.

Citations & NAP Consistency

Citations, which are mentions of a business name, address, and phone number (NAP), are signals that Google uses in its Google My Business listings shown with the map. The amount of citations your local business has, and the consistency of the information, helps Google validate the overall credibility and authority of your business.

SEO for Franchises: Citation Report

At Captivate Local, we audit the entire citation profile behind a business and each of its locations. This enables us to pinpoint any inaccurate or inconsistent citations that need to be fixed, as well as find opportunities to building new citations. Citation optimization powerful technique that can help bloom higher rankings in Google My Business listings.


Although directories are not quite as popular as they used to be for SEO, there are still a number of quality sites on the web that can help generate traffic and support multi-local SEO and franchise SEO efforts. If you’re building directory listings solely for link building, then chances are you’re probably having a hard time moving the needle in Google search. However, directories, such as Google, Yelp, Bing, and YP can be extremely effective tools for SEO for franchises, especially in the Google My Business listings.

As part of conducting a comprehensive citation audit, we can help your business identify the most important and impactful directories in its industry. We can then populate and/or optimize each listing for maximum SEO value. As a full-service local SEO agency, we provide complete citation management solutions that leverage a wide range of online directories, social media sites, and other web properties.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are important for multi-location SEO, not only because they are search engine ranking factor in Google local search, but also because they provide credibility for your business. Studies show that local businesses with more positive reviews will rank higher in Google My Business listings, in addition to receiving higher click-through rates.

Franchise SEO Reviews

Beyond reviews on Google My Business and other directories, we can help you see reviews from the pages of your website. These reviews will translate as rich snippets in the search results, as you see here.

We can help your business or franchise formulate a review-generation strategy to earn more positive reviews from customers. We can also help reinforce your brand’s online reputation by creating unique review strategies for each location. As a result, a few negative reviews associated with one location won’t negatively impact an entire brand. For local businesses struggling with damaging reviews (whether on Google, Yelp, or other sites,) we also offer online reputation management solutions.

Social Media

One of the best means to support a business’s multi-location SEO strategy is through social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. Since every market is unique, multi-location businesses, such as corporations, franchises, and enterprise-level companies, should establish a dedicated social presence for each community they serve.

Similar to reviews and citations, the social media presence behind a business helps to reinforce your brand’s core values while supporting its underlying SEO efforts. Going beyond using using social media as a platform to market your business’s products and services, we help businesses use social media to connect with their target audience, learn what makes them tick, and produce valuable content that generates resonance and results.

About Our Local SEO Company

At Captivate Local, we are a data-driven team of experts that spearheads sophisticated multi-location SEO campaigns for franchises and enterprise-level businesses. By employing a Search First approach combined with Google Maps marketing and other cross-platform optimization strategies, we work to make sure your business is visible in Google search across all of its locations.
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