Local Social Media Marketing Services

Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Local Web Presence

The evolution of social media marketing has spawned countless platforms to help local businesses engage with their target audiences and grow their web presence. From helping to increase visibility of your brand’s content to supporting your local SEO and search marketing efforts, social media has become a vital ingredient to a successful Internet marketing strategy.

Based on our search-first approach at Captivate Local, social media sites play a pivotal role in helping local businesses become more found in Google. From building citations for Google local maps SEO to increasing the credibility and search engine value of your content by earning social signals, social media platforms run parallel to both local SEO and content marketing strategies. In short, they’re the glue that makes search marketing more cohesive and effective overall.

Well-Versed Social Media Marketing Experts

When you work with our local SEO company, you’ll be leveraging the expertise of some of the most experienced and well-versed social media marketing experts. Our team helps local businesses manage their social media presence by consistently posting content, engaging with users, and growing your audience. We also specialize in various social media advertising models, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest ads, to further move the social needle for our clients.

From fast-emerging social media platforms like SnapChat and Google+ to well-established social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, we will work with you and your company to create a ROI-driven social media program that impacts your bottom line. Local Social Media Marketing ServicesAmong some of the social media platforms that we help local business leverage include:

  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Foursquare
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Slideshare
  • Periscope
  • Instagram

If you’re looking to grow your local business by utilizing more digital marketing outlets, social media marketing offers a wealth of opportunities. Local business social media strategies offer a wide spectrum of creative possibilities, enabling companies to reaching potential customers in an effective and affordable way.

Local Social Media Management & Consulting Services

At Captivate Local, we provide comprehensive local social media management and consulting services to suit our clients’ unique needs. Whether you’re seeking a trusted partner to oversee all social pages for you business, or simply need best practice guidance and direction, we individually-tailor each program to be aligned with your digital marketing scope and objectives.

By incorporating content marketing and sharing value-driven posts, our social media specialists focus on engaging potential customers with your brand. We don’t offer a cookie-cutter social media solution. Our local social media strategies are 100% unique and fully-customized based on each company’s business model, industry, target audience, and desired outcome.

Localized Social Media Marketing Strategies

When it comes to realizing success using social media for local business marketing, effectively targeting and engaging with your local target audience is name of the game. Locally-focused social media marketing strategies can help cultivate trust and build lasting relationships with individuals in your local area. Additionally, locally-centric social media strategies can have a profound impact on local SEO and establishing greater trust and authority in the search engines.

Our social media specialists focus on building your brand in your local market(s) in order to attract only the most qualified social media users in your area. Whether that means promoting your content to local audiences or actively engaging in local communities, the range of local business social media strategies are vast with many growth-enabling possibilities. These efforts can also help facilitate reputation management strategies.

Social Media Marketing Services for Local Businesses

For local businesses looking to captivate an in-market audience on the web, local social media marketing has profound capabilities. To actualize the greatest results from your local social media marketing efforts, getting help from a trusted agency can be game-changer your company needs.

Here at Captivate Local, we provide social media marketing services for local businesses using a search-first approach. We are advocates of utilizing a strategically-blended approach that combines social media with SEO and content marketing to effectively increase visibility and achieve sustainable and measurable growth for our clients. To set-up a free consultation with our local SEO company, visit our contact us page and inquiry today.