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As the cornerstone to a traffic-generating web presence, investing in a Nashville SEO program for you company is vital to ensure sustained growth in today’s digital age. Organic SEO is a cohesive approach of identifying and optimizing your company’s website (both on-site and off-site) for the most relevant and traffic-oriented keyword. As a result, your site can sustain top rankings that help to grow your business.

Actualizing an intelligent campaign with our Nashville SEO & Internet Marketing company can transform the overall profit potential of your business. We take the time to research and analyze your company’s search market, your competitors, and your business – all in an effort to create a highly-effective Nashville, TN SEO campaign that yields results. Contact us today for a quote, or learn more about our comprehensive SEO services below.

Full-Service Organic SEO in Nashville, TN

Organic SEO (also commonly known as natural SEO or organic search marketing) provides businesses with stable rankings that drive highly-qualified search traffic to your website. In most cases, organic SEO takes time to realize its fullest potential; however, once top rankings are achieved, businesses can realize an increase in search traffic that can translate to highly-qualified leads.

At Captivate Local, we have earned reputation over years for building and actualizing successful search marketing campaigns for our clients. Now, in addition to serving the greater southeast U.S., we focus our efforts on complete and honest organic SEO services in Nashville, TN. Our experience is well-versed, as we have helped companies of various industries and sizes realize success with SEO, spanning from local small businesses to enterprise-level brands and e-commerce sites.

Comprehensive, Individually-Tailored Nashville SEO Services

Captivate’s Nashville SEO Process

Nashville SEO Company Process

Our SEO & Internet Marketing team can help your Nashville-based business develop and implement a comprehensive SEO program that is individually-tailored to meet your company’s goals. Although our Nashville SEO services are based on a systems approach, all of our programs are fully-custom, client-specific.

From topically-relevant link building that increases domain authority and rankings to exceptional SEO copywriting that accurately speaks to your audience, we staff a cohesive team that provides premium SEO service to Nashville companies.

With an emphasis on constructing ROI-focused SEO programs, and we implement goal-oriented strategies that center on attainable and sustainable results. Further, we work with a wide range of marketing budgets to ensure your Nashville business doesn’t go without quality organic SEO.

Keyword Research & Analysis: The Backbone of Organic SEO

How are people searching for what your business has to offer?

The backbone to our organic SEO services is intelligent keyword research and analysis. We use a number of advanced tools to research and pinpoint some of the best keyword targets for our clients. The outcome is actionable user behavior data that centers on relevant, popular, and obtainable keyword targets that generate pre-qualified leads and in-market customers to our clients’ websites.

Nashville SEO Keyword Research

This keyword data, supported by the intelligence and experience of our Nashville SEO company, is the roots for which many SEO strategies stem. With knowledge regarding specific keyword variations related to your company’s products and services, we can implement proven and transparent SEO strategies that grow your site’s rankings and expand your web presence.

Premium SEO Copywriting That Speaks Your Nashville Brand

SEO copywriting is paramount to define the keyword relevancy of your site (for proper search engine indexing), as well as to achieve optimum search engine placement. The content on your website should not only help your site you rank in the search engines, but it should also be creative, compelling, and speak to your brand.

As a cornerstone to Captivate Local’s Nashville SEO division, premier copywriting services have been a central focus to producing better rankings as well as post-click conversions. In other words, our creative team of SEO copywriters fulfills a dual-purpose role: capture keyword relevancy on site and compel your readers to take action.

Intelligent SEO Link Building Services

Unlike other SEO companies in Nashville, TN, a significant component to our organic SEO services also includes intelligence-driven link building strategies. In essence, links (or “backlinks” from other websites (typically directories, social profiles, blogs, news articles, etc.) are the powerhouse behind your site’s rankings.

Links define a site’s “domain authority,” which is rating from 0 to 100. The higher perceived domain authority your site has, the greater potential it has to rank. For this reason, our SEO company in Nashville, TN considers all variables when implementing link building for clients.

The two primary variables worth mentioning is topical relevancy and anchor text. It’s absolutely vital for a healthy and transparent SEO program to ensure backlinks are built from relevant sources. Further, the anchor text of manually-built links needs to be a natural blend of anchor text, such as, Your Business Name, Click Here, Product/Service Name, etc.)

The importance of intelligent SEO link building strategies must not overlooked. Our Nashville SEO specialists make sure to fully-assess the anchor text of your site’s backlink profile. This give us a clear picture of how “optimized” or keyword-rich your current backlink profile is (particularly if your business has been with a past SEO company.) With this data, we then build links with confidence in a safe and effective manner.

SEO-Driven Content Marketing, Social Media, & Link Acquisition

Content Marketing for Nashville SEOContent marketing leverages various mediums like blogs, video, press releases, images/infographics, etc. to grab the attention of your audience and its underlying market.

Content marketing lends to limitless creativity as topics can span from product review videos for YouTube to educational and scholarly articles. Both of these examples are capable of earning links and producing valuable rankings.

What makes content marketing SEO-driven is that it factors-in specific variables and considerations:

  • What are the best content mediums to produce the content (long-form article vs. video or podcast)?
  • Which social media platforms are best to share or advertise the brand’s content?
  • How can keywords and other SEO elements be integrated, for both links and content topics?

To implement and actualize a truly-effective SEO program for your Nashville-based company, leveraging content marketing is a must to remain competitive. Social media, particularly social signals (i.e. Likes, Tweets, Shares, +1’s, Pins, etc.,) has an impact on SEO and defining rank-worthy content. Parallel to earning social signals, your prized content can also earn links. The outcome is a successful link acquisition asset that supports your overall Nashville SEO program.

Google Local 3-Pack SEO for Nashville Companies

Google local SEO for Nashville companies looking to rank in the coveted 3-pack includes unique strategies compared to traditional organic SEO. The businesses and professionals who rank in the Google local 3-pack for their products/services typically earn the greatest amount of traffic. Additionally, ranking in the Google local 3-pack signifies credibility, authority, and proximity for your business, which can contribute your local reputation.

Google Local SEO Nashville TN

Some of the primary ranking factors that enable a business to appear in the Google local 3-pack include:

  • Whether or not the Google+ page is claimed and verified with the business
  • How well-populated and optimized the Google+ Local page is
  • The amount and quality of reviews on the Google+ Local page
  • The domain authority of the business’ website (driven by backlinks)
  • The proximity of the business’ location to the centermost point of the target city or town
  • The number and accuracy of “citations” (or mentions of the business Name, Address, and Phone number on other web listings, such as Yelp, Yahoo! Local, Facebook, Yellowpages, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • How clear the citation is mentioned (in the header and/or footer.

As you can see there are a lot details that go into a local Nashville SEO program, and these are just a handful of the most common ranking factors that influence the Google local 3-pack.

Our Nashville Internet marketing experts can help establish your content production and sharing platforms (i.e. YouTube Channel, Blogs, Google+ page, etc.) and craft a plan that outlines the content’s development and implementation. We are experienced working with marketing managers, CEOs, advertising teams, and other client relations to best orchestrate content strategies that build your brand and your web presence.

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