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Google My Business SEO: Improve Your Local 3 Pack Position

Improve Google My Business Local Maps Listings
There are an endless supply of articles about local SEO and how to optimize your web pages for better rankings. And yet, there's less actionable insights that specifically surround Google My Business pages and how to optimize these listings for better rankings in the Google local 3 pack.

Google Maps Marketing: Optimization Beyond The Local 3-Pack

Google Maps Optimization Beyond Local 3-Pack
There’s big misconception about what defines Google Maps marketing. “Google Maps marketing” is used mostly in reference to the local “3-pack” listings associated with the Google Maps snippet. These competitive listings provide prime marketing real estate for all types of businesses. Although the 3-pack is probably the most coveted means of search visibility, Google Maps marketing involves much more.

Local SEO Best Practices That Stand the Test of Time

Best Practices for Local SEO
The art of local SEO is constantly progressing with new tactics and techniques spawning every year. And yet, there are certain processes and platforms that remain relevant in optimizing a business's local search presence. The strategies outlined below have been considered local SEO best practices for last 5+ years, and we expect them to remain that way for many years to come.