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Google Local Pack Now Polluted with Product Ads

Google Shopping Local Pack Product Ads
What's disruptive about PLAs popping-up in the local pack is this: Google is not showing refrigerator stores in Atlanta (like it used to,) but rather refrigerator products (associated with advertisers paying for Google Shopping Ads). Sure, there's local store info in the ads. But take another glance at the above figure. Sears Hometown Stores is owning it. So what now? Google Shopping advertisers get the unfair advantage of premium search real estate?

Andrew Shotland’s Local Search Secrets Presentation (TL;DL)

Andrew Shotland's Local Search Secrets
Manta hosted a killer webinar with Andrew Shotland that highlighted local SEO ranking factors that matter most (or "Local Search Secrets" as the presentation titled.) In essence, Shotland outlined the best practices of local SEO while highlighting which ranking signals to invest most your efforts. If the conversation was too long for you, and you didn't listen (tl;dl), then your welcome. I've extracted what I believe to be the golden nuggets worth noting.