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Is Local PPC Advertising Right for Your Small Business?

Local PPC for Small Business

Local Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can have a negative stigma for small businesses. As many businesses try their hand with Google AdWords, the common perception after a few weeks of advertising is that local PPC is both costly and incredibly competitive, especially when bidding against big brands in competitive keyword categories.

While this can be true for some industries where the popular keywords have an average Cost Per Click (CPC) of over $5-6/click. But the fact of the matter is, local PPC advertising (when executed properly) provides highly granular control over the targeted users and locations that will trigger your local PPC ad to display – and of course, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

The most important aspects of a successful local PPC strategy is choosing the most relevant keyword phrases to bid on, as well as organizing your PPC campaign for success. Below, we’re going shed light on some of the nuances of local PPC advertising and how you can make it a highly profitable tactic in a well-rounded local Internet marketing strategy.

Local PPC for Small Businesses

Local PPC can have profound impact on the growth of a local small business. Because local PPC can be set to target only users in a business’s geographic markets, the quality of click traffic can lead to high conversion rates and a significant return on ad spend.

To further illustrate this point about local PPC, let’s pretend your small business is located in Atlanta and you service and repair luxury automobiles. Local PPC can offer a great opportunity because if someone located in Atlanta or surrounding metropolitan cities is looking for “Mercedes Repair,” your paid search ad can be set to display and you have a greater chance of landing a quality lead.

Local PPC Ad in AdWords






It’s important to drive home the notion that if someone in Scottsdale, AZ or Macon, GA for that matter, did the same exact search query, your ad would not display because those searchers are not in the pre-determined geographic location that your PPC campaign is targeting. With Google AdWords, you can set your ads to show in specific cities, counties, states, or even radius targeting around desired location.

Is Local PPC a Viable Option for Your Business?

Before you go diving into a local PPC campaign, you should take the time to conduct an analysis of your competition and your entire local search marketing landscape. Conduct some simple keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner tool to see what keywords might be right for your business. Assess the volume, average CPC, and level of competitiveness of these keywords. Next, visit Google and conduct a searches of these keyword phrases on your own to see what your competitors are doing.

In the example below, this small business owner was assessing the local PPC landscape for “alternative medicine,” which turns out to be a fairly competitive keyword phrase.











Now as a small business owner, you need to determine what a click (potential customer) is worth to you. Is spending $4 per click worth reaching a potential customer who could possibly spend hundreds or thousands of dollars with your business in the coming months and years?

That is the type of question that small business owners need to ask themselves before starting a local PPC campaign. How much are you willing to invest per click in order to attract more local customers?

Socially-Integrated Local PPC Ads

As you might have noticed, Google has been making significant changes this Local PPC Meets Social Google+year to its local search engine results page (SERP). Google has done away with its Google Places local business listings platform and integrated them into Google+.

Google+ Local is a game-changer for the local search results and for local SEO general. Google’s infusion of social search can be found in both the local organic search listings and in the local PPC advertisements. Google’s +1 can be seen throughout the search results in both areas of the SERP.

Google has made it so users of the Google+ network will see +1 recommendations from other users in their Circles (friends, family, coworkers, etc.) in the paid and organic search results. This gives search a more relevant result for local users because they’re receiving recommendations from users they trust – even before they click on an ad or search listing.

As you can imagine with these +1s showing up in local PPC and local organic search, Google+ has opened up a huge opportunity for local businesses to capitalize on creative and socially-infused local SEO strategies to help grow their business.

With this in mind, it’s important for local businesses to fully understand the local search landscape to determine which avenues are the best for their local search marketing budgets. A well-rounded local campaign that has a balance of Local PPC, local organic SEO and social media marketing is an ideal recipe for success, but that’s up to you to determine.